It's sunny winter days like today, where I am reminded to ask my patients if they wear their sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays; and they often admit they are only wearing them in the summer months. I think there is a misconception that if it isn't a clear sunny day, we aren't being exposed to the dangers of UV damage. Unfortunately, this is false. Even during overcast weather, more than 90% of UV rays still penetrate through the clouds.  For those of us who drive or sail, extra precaution should be taken as up to 80% of UV rays also reflect off snow and water to reach our eyes. And it's not only eyewear we should remember to wear; as the sun rises and sets, the angle at which we are exposed to UV rays, highlights the benefit of wearing a baseball cap or wide-brimmed hat to shade our eyes too.So next time you leave the house, don't forget your sunglasses and a hat. Protect your eyes.