Today I was with my mother as she had her cataract surgery. Having been in the eye care field and being immersed in everything about vision and the eyes for the last 10 years, it was very interesting to be on "the other side" this time. To experience this from the patient's perspective. Though a procedure I often tell my patients are routine, I found myself a little nervous as my mother awaited to be brought in to the operating room. I think I was more anxious than she was. But she did extremely well. Everything went smoothly and she actually walked out sooner than scheduled. What was suppose to be a 90 minute process only took 50 minutes. When I walked to the recovery room to visit her, she was smiling and couldn't wait to tell me how easy it all was. Besides being a little light sensitive, as her operated eye was still dilated, she had no other symptoms. I want to Thank Dr. Tayfour and his team at Crystal Clear Vision for taking such great care for my mother. We will be returning tomorrow for her one-day post-op visit.