Most thorough eye exam I have ever had. Time was taken with each stage; I never felt hurried; options were discussed and all my questions were answered with great patience. Truly a delightful experience.
— Anne A.
Continue doing what you are doing. You are the best. the kids fight to come to you.
— Salma
A very professional office. I was very pleased with my visit.
— Tamara S.
A year and a half ago I attended Oakville Eye Care, a new location for my routine annual eye exam. From the booking process to the greeting upon my first visit I was treated as a guest rather than a patient.  Dr Yeung promptly brought me in for my eye exam and communicated with me throughout the process.  During the exam Dr. Yeung noticed that something was not right.  She reaffirmed with additional tests that I had a suspected case of glaucoma which could result in blindness if not treated immediately. She responded professionally and booked me an emergency appointment with a local opthamologist. After my visit at Oakville Eye Care, I have been officially diagnosed with Glaucoma at 38 years old and it Is being treated to prevent any further damage.  If this was not caught, severe and irreversible optic nerve damage could have taken place.

My entire family now goes to Oakville Eye Care for their annual eye exams and I recommend to everyone to have their eyes checked regularly from either Dr. Yeung or Dr. Angra at Oakville Eye Care. Thanks to the Oakville Eye Care team.
— Dan.
You are running a great operation. Keep doing what you are doing. See you next year.
— Bryan R.
I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Yeung 2 years ago for my optometry needs. She exceeds all your expectations as an Optometrist. She takes great care in her patients well being and goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the patients are well looked after. This type of care and attention to detail is rare in her field. Not only is she a true professional and is great at what she does, she also has a great philanthropic sense towards her community. She is highly recognized for her contribution in our community, and is a well respected professional. I am so grateful she looks after my family and I. I would hire and recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking for optometry care.
— Sheron C.
This was probably the most comprehensive and enjoyable vision examination I have had. The staff was more than helpful and gave me a much better understanding regarding the health of my eyes.
— Stefanie B.
Great staff!
— Jay N.
Very satisfied with front desk, Dr.,and prescription glasses services.
— Shamim B.
I had a good appointment and felt I was in very good hands. I never once felt rushed and the staff was very informative. Dr. Yeung answers questions with lots of confidence and knowledge. I’m really happy she’s helping me care for my eyes.
— Susan M.
Excellent service.
— Daniel T.
I applaud the professionalism, knowledge and personal engagement from the entire team!
— Theresa S.